One of the oldest and most famous enamel crafts of cloisonne, widely used in precious metal products and gold jewelry

Create and discover something from the amazing world of ancient art with our DIY Cloisonne Line Drawing Kit. Lets you bend any shape you want, so the creativity and possibilities are endless!

You can also place the finished product on phone cases, canvas, glass, etc. A truly extraordinary piece of craftsmanship can be shown to anyone! Enjoy the intricate cloisonne art without leaving your home!

Making you the creative genius you can be, the possibilities for creating the art you want are endless! Let your creativity flow and spend time with your family making beautiful artwork to display

Required materials: ①Carrier (mobile phone case, wood board, vase, etc.) ②Metal wire ③Film glue (for fixing sand) ④Special glaze or sand ⑤E7000 glue ⑥Epoxy glue ⑦Scissors (for cutting metal wire) ⑧ Special tweezers ⑨ dropper

Production method: ①Line draft ②Apply E7000 glue along the line ③Attach the metal wire to the surface vertically along the line ④Immersion the glaze in water and fill it with a dropper to suck the glaze ⑤Put the glue into the spray can and spray the glue on the surface ⑥Glaze After air-drying or sun-drying, cover the surface with epoxy glue. ⑦ Put it in a dry and clean place for 2-3 days. ⑧ Carry
Cloisonne enamel color kit tutorial 1

Cloisonne enamel color kit tutorial 2

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