What is tatting lace? Simply put, Tatting lace uses knots to build lace. A series of knots formed between the shuttles form ornaments, and beads can be strung in the middle, or they can be matched with ribbons to make lace, doily, collars and other accessories.

Tatting lace originated from the knotting skills of fishermen. In the 19th century, Irish fishermen were good at making lace and used it to subsidize their households. It was not until the beginning of the twentieth century that tatting lace gradually became popular. At that time, the Tatting Shuttle was generally a pointed oval, made of ivory or metal, and had a small hook at the top to help hook the thread to speed up the weaving efficiency.

In addition to the exquisite shuttle, the tatting lace does not use other tools, but only relies on the dexterous hands of women to create complicated lace supplies.

Common basic tools:

  • Lace thread
  • Shuttle
  • Crochet
  • Edge sealing liquid
  • Modeling fixative liquid
  • Positioning bead needle (used to fix the setting liquid on the fabric)

For beginners, you first need to learn how to use the shuttle to tie the knot, and use the skills of knotting to make bridges - hanging ears, etc. to make exquisite jewelry, clothing decorations and furniture decoration.
The following video is a demonstration of how to get started in detail. It is recommended that beginners try to operate while watching.

The following video is a demonstration of the operation process

 Inertia operation skills of the left hand during tatting

 Tatting jewelry making tutorial 1

Tatting jewelry making tutorial 2

 Tatting jewelry making tutorial 3

 Tatting jewelry making tutorial 4

Tatting jewelry making tutorial 5

 Tatting jewelry making tutorial 6