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  • Natural Stone Only
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Color: 14K Gold Plated

  • 14K Gold Plated
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  • Natural Stone Only
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Wire wrapped jewellery is one of the oldest jewellery making techniques in the world.

If you’re new to making jewelry, wire wrapping is a fun and relatively easy place to start. It’s also a great way to express your creativity and individuality, as no two pieces are ever the same.

Wire wrapped jewelry is formed by wrapping flexible wire around a gemstone (or even around itself) in patterns and twists. When a stone is used, the wire creates a casing so that it doesn’t fall out, without the need to glue or drill holes in it. You can make all kinds of jewelry with this method, though pendants are especially common.

Wire advanced customization templates, each e-book contains several template project illustrated tutorials, a total of 22 e-books, make your creative projects uninterrupted, and comes with a tutorial blog with a clear demonstration
  • Set includes 22 illustrated eBooks 、81 winding video tutorial and tutorial video blogs, various wire project templates

  • The metal wire is copper-plated 14k gold, the semi-hard texture is lighter and easier to form, and the 14k gold-plated process is more stable in color retention.
  • High-quality natural gemstone sets meet the creative needs of different styles.

  • 14k metal round wire has four most commonly used sizes: 0.2mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm and 1mm, and bead chain has 1.2mm, which are suitable for the use of frames. The metal batch wire is matched with a size of 0.6mm, and the pattern on the metal wire will have a flickering effect in the sun, making the product more eye-catching. The line combination meets the needs of the main body of the winding, making the work more three-dimensional and outstanding.

  • Three handmade mini pliers, circularcutting and bending respectively, it is easier to grasp the details of the production process
  • Modelling nylon pliers, straighten the bent metal wire in the creation, does not damage the surface of the metal wire while the concave shape, plays a protective role.
  • Equipped with a ring rod to solve the mastery of details such as size and radian
  • Small five-segment winding rod, there are five different sizes in this tool to meet your diverse creation in the project
  • Self-contained ring size measurement ring, various sizes, auxiliary winding, to meet various size requirements


Package Include:

Tool kit:

  • 22 illustrated tutorial eBooks
  • 81 winding video tutorial
  • Tutorial video blogs
  • 0.2mm14k metal round wire
  • 0.6mm14k metal round wire
  • 0.8mm14k metal round wire
  • 1mm14k metal round wire
  • 1.2mm bead chain
  • 0.6mm metal batch wire
  • Circular mini pliers
  • Cutting mini pliers
  • Bending mini pliers
  • Small five-segment winding rod
  • Ring size measuring stick
  • Modeling nylon pliers
  • Finger size measuring ring

Natural Stone Kit:

  • 1*oval jade agate
  • 1*round natural pink crystal
  • 1*oval natural amethyst
  • 1* long marquise yellow tiger's eye
  • 1*teardrop turquoise
  • 1*red heart zircon
  • 1*Red teardrop zircon
  • 1*champagne marquise zircon
  • 1*fuchsia marquise zircon
  • 1*blue teardrop zircon
  • 1*white round zircon
  • 2*white shell beads
  • 14k gold plated beads
  • 925 silver beads
  • 90 pcs color opal 4mm loose beads
  • 2*8mm natural black shell beads
  • 1*round natural moonstone
  • 1*short marquise labradorite


  • Four sizes of 14k gold plated copper wire:0.2mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm1mm
  • Bead chain:1.2mm
  • Metal batch wire:0.6mm
  • Oval Persian Gulf Agate:15*20mm
  • Round natural pink crystal:16mm
  • Oval natural amethyst:13*18mm
  • Long marquise-shaped yellow tiger eye stone:7*32mm
  • Drop-unakite:15*30mm
  • Natural white shell beads:8mm 
  • Natural black shell beads:8mm 
  • 14k gold plated Beads:2mm(80pcs), 3mm(40pcs), 4mm(48pcs), 5mm(20pcs)
  • 925 silver beads:2mm(120pcs), 2.5mm(82pcs), 3mm(40pcs), 4mm(20pcs)
  • Color opal loose beads:4mm (90pcs)
  • Red heart zircon: 10*10mm
  • Red teardrop zircon: 6*8mm
  • Champagne marquise zircon: 5*10mm
  • Fuchsia marquise zircon: 5*10mm
  • Blue teardrop zircon: 6*8mm
  • White round zircon: 10*10mm
  • Natural moonstone:6mm
  • Short marquise labradorite:2.5cm

Because it is a natural gemstone, the internal pattern of each natural stone is different, and the luster and pattern are different.
  • Excerpts from the e-book tutorial content - refer to the following: Explanation with pictures and text

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