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Size: 6 Strands

  • 6 Strands
  • 12 Strands

Style: 25 Colors Set - A

  • 25 Colors Set - A
  • 25 Colors Set - B
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With the improvement of people's requirements for the meaning of handwork, more and more weaving techniques have entered the public's field of vision.

This is because the weaving technique can better highlight the texture of the jewelry, and the weaving technique can enhance the preciousness of the jewelry. The collocation will not be particularly abrupt, it is easy to match with the clothing, and it can also play a good foil role, which is highly unified with the clothing.


  • Set includes Braided disc pdf electronic tutorial 、1000 project video tutorial and tutorial video blogs, various Braided project templates


  • This kit contains three tools to assist in weaving: weaving wooden frame, weaving tray and weaving mat, which play an auxiliary role in various jewelry and complex weaving, making complex weaving easier and easier to operate.
  • Comes with 25-color braided cords, available in 2 sizes and 4 color combinations for a variety of creative options and needs.

  • The woven wooden frame product comes with two fixing clips: used to weave accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, pendants, etc., which play an auxiliary fixing role in the production process, and the tutorial will be updated to the blog from time to time.
  • Braided disc and Braided Reel Hose: For making round braided bracelets and necklaces in various colors, comes with an e-book with tutorial instructions, please fill in your e-mail when purchasing, the e-book will be sent by e-mail.
  • Woven pads are used to make earrings and more complicated woven accessories, making seemingly complicated operations easier, and tutorials will be updated to the blog from time to time.
  • 40 knitted fixing beads for better positioning of the lines during knitting.
  • Multi-size colorful beads set, about 30-40 pieces, Perfect for Clothing Accessories, Earrings, Bracelets, Pendants, Necklaces, Crafts and Decorations
  • You can easily make DIY braided jewelry and turn it into a Christmas gift for friends and family.

Package Include:

  • Weave Wooden Frame
  • Weave Plate
  • Weave Pad
  • 25-color braided thread
  • Two fixing clips
  • Braided hose - 1m
  • 40 knitting fixed beads
  • A box of earring accessories-about 50 pcs
  • 2 bracelet accessories
  • 2&3mm Copper Gold Plated Beads
  • Multi Size Colorful Beads Set - One Pack



  • Weave Wooden Frame: 10*25*6cm
  • Weave Plate: 10*10*1cm
  • Braided disc: 10*10cm


Weave Wooden Frame


solid wood

Weave Plate:



Weave Pad 10*10


Positioning needle

about 3.7cm

Stainless steel
Earring accessories(50pcs) / Copper plated with real gold

25-color braided thread :

25*(0.45mm*16m) or 25*(0.65mm*6m) Polyester Bundy
bracelet accessories(2pcs) 18.3*4*3.2mm

stainless steel

2&3mm Copper Gold Plated Beads

2mm- aperture 1.0mm;3mm- aperture -1.2mm

Copper plated with real gold

Multi Size Colorful Beads Set  /  Synthetic bead
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