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POLYMER CLAY - also called painted pottery, soft clay, soft pottery, also known as barbecue clay. Soft pottery clay is a kind of synthetic pottery clay with solid plasticity. As long as the finished product is slightly baked in the oven, it will produce hard textures and colourful pottery handicrafts.


The application of polymer clay of different colours can be combined to create strange imitation food, decorative frames, flowers, lighting, hair accessories, bag accessories, mobile phone accessories, home accessories, necklaces, hairpins, brooches, earrings, bracelet-shaped ornaments, etc., or to create characters, cartoon dolls, animals, plants, and even to create vivid and colourful flowers of various varieties. In the '30s of the last century, this material was first discovered by German sculptors. In view of its unique advantages such as high ductility, plasticity and brilliant and changeable colours, it perfectly satisfies the creative desire of artists.



  • Soft clay is a kind of green environmental protection product. The material of the soft clay itself is made of food-grade raw materials, and then some harmless dyes, softeners and other raw materials are added.
  • The thing made of soft clay will not produce any harmful substances in the process of baking and forming in the oven. Heating at the normal baking temperature of 110°C--150°C will not have any harmful substances. remember not to bake more than 200°C.
  • Soft clay has better ductility, plasticity and gloss than other clays. Soft clay is oily clay, which will not dry in the air, so there is no need to rush to complete the work.
  • The soft clay does not stick to the hands or the tabletop, it is spotless, and can be kneaded freely in multiple colours.
  • The soft clay is not afraid of water, mildew, insect bites, no deformation after baking, and permanent preservation without fading.
  • Soft clay has strong plasticity, is non-toxic and is tasteless.


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